I’ve always wanted to paint my own mural, but didn’t know where to begin…. until now.

I found Lana Von Haught on instructables.com. She’s a professional photographer and filmmaker who says she isn’t a painter, although she may need to rethink that now!

BeFunky_Pop-ART.jpg“We have a projector that we watch movies on, so I just used that to blow up the image on the wall and then I just traced it and then painted it in,” said Von Haught. “It was actually quit easy.”

Lana says all it took for the mural in her California home was a projector, a pencil, a few bottles of acrylic paint and one brush.

“I used the same brush for the whole thing pretty much… just this brush I had laying around.”

The brush was thin and wide so she could fill in large spaces and (very lightly) outline the image with black paint.

One thing… easy on the pencil.

“Yellow acrylic paint, even though it’s thick, it won’t cover pencil marks.”

The black outline helped cover the pencil.

Another way Lana was able to keep it easy…. “The image that I chose was primary colors. I didn’t really have to mix any paint.”

That also means she didn’t have to worry about shading the mural.

Here’s another tip.

“Ideally what you’d want to do is go buy some wall paint that matches the rest of your walls.”

That way you can fix some of the mistakes. If the wall hasn’t been painted for a while, you may want to paint the wall first so the wall paint will match.

Once the mural was nearly complete, Lana was able to add another creative touch. The image she chose had a comment bubble.

“There’s dry erase paint and so I used that and now it can say whatever I want it to say.”

Click play below to hear how Lana is able to change the quote. Plus, she describes how to paint your own black out blinds.

Lana also made the painting process easier by eliminating the dots often used in pop art.

“It’s your wall. It’s you piece of art. You can do whatever you want to it. You don’t have to stay married to the exact image that you’re copying.”

Check out Lana’s amazing stenciled blinds. Here’s the link to the stencil she used.



Here are some pictures I’ve taken that might make a great mural. Most of the photos are from my trip to Spain last year.

Feel free to use them… on one condition. I want to see it! I would be thrilled.