BeFunky_brent8.jpg I’ve never actually wished I had a wasted space before reading nooks started to gain popularity.

A reading nook to me is like a childhood fort for grownups… a place you can crawl inside and hide from the world.

Life is more hectic than ever for us all. The thought of a little space dedicated just for a littleĀ  quiet time sounds so inviting.

Unfortunately, all of the space in my home is taken.

However, I started checking for my favorite nook pictures on and noticed you don’t have to have an empty space.

Use a corner or maybe the top or bottom of a staircase.

I even found a nook created on an empty spot on the floor. (pictured below)

If nothing else, it’s a good place to start.

I found a fantastic little reading nook on the Gray House Studio blog.

Courtney and Brent bought their first home a little more than a year ago.

“We’re on a budget since we’re newlyweds,” said Courtney. “And we could only do little projects here and there.”

One of Courtney’s favorite projects is the reading nook. She used her creativity to come up with a solution for an awkward spot designed for the television.

The space next to the fireplace is a perfect spot for a nook.

The nook added a spot for Courtney to read AND it added seating.

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“The only solid wall we have in there is one that we wanted to put the t.v. on,” said Brent. “So suddenly we needed some seat real estate.”

They added a bench and pillows. The space under the bench created an area for Courtney to keep her books and add decor.

The wood paneling with dark stain adds a rustic feel, but not too much.

“With the paneling, that kind of has a more rustic flow. But, mixing it with the more modern,” said Courtney. “The light fixtures and things like that kind of takes it away and doesn’t make it seem super rustic.”

Get this… Brent made the cushions.

“We went to the fabric store and that was one of the biggest costs for the whole project,” said Brent.

The foam piece that Brent needed to cut to size and cover with fabric was the second biggest cost at $120.

Courtney said, “The nook was around about $500.”

The biggest cost was the $200 light fixture. They found the hardware on Ebay.

The couple is only a year into their first home and it already looks amazing! I can’t wait to see what the home looks like after another 12 months.

You can follow the progress on their blog or check out the Facebook page.

Click play to hear Courtney and Brent describe more details on creating the reading nook. Plus, they share how to create a beautiful sliding barn door.


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