BeFunky_Stock10.jpgOrganized isn’t a word I would use to describe myself, but I’m learning.

A little more than a year ago, I got a wake-up call.

I landed a huge promotion and was headed to Orlando, Florida, for my first major corporate meeting with all of the company bigwigs.

The flight was scheduled to take off first thing the next morning.

I awoke early (thank goodness) and my bag was already packed. I was ready to walk out the door when I couldn’t find my car keys. I frantically searched everywhere…. even the shared laundry mat at my complex.

Wearing high-heels and a business suit, I decided the only thing I could do was sprint as fast as I could to my office.

After running for what seemed like forever, I finally arrived at the door (my chest was on fire). I grabbed the keys to the company car and off I went to the airport.

I barely made the flight AND I forgot my iPhone. Thankfully my friend at the office was kind enough to overnight the phone.

Once I returned, I could hear the whispers around the office. It wasn’t a great way to start my new leadership role.

I later found the keys in my coat pocket!

I don’t have an excuse. My parents are amazingly organized. It’s time to grow up and get serious.

The goal is, by sharing my story, we’ll both get motivated and focused.

The closet is where I need to begin. Here’s how it looks right now.

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I’m ready to get started and with Pinterest and Houzz, the options are endless. Search Google and whoa! There’s a plethora of choices.

I’m going to squish that little demon voice that says, “You can’t throw away those jeans from high school. They may be back in style soon.”

Dear Demon,

I’m tired of listening to you. I’ve wasted an unbelievable amount of time in my life searching through drawers and touching every hanger. Visibility and accessibility are my new best friends. So ;P


See ya,



All we need to get started is a trash bag according to Lynn Cressy.

I found Lynn online. The interior decorator’s blog post on organization caught my eye.

Click play below to hear all of the fantastic advice that Lynn has to offer. Read this blog post, then listen later as you’re kickin’ butt on your organizational project.




Cressy says the best place to start is to figure out what you have.

“Going through everything, even if you have to just puts them in piles.”

Try three piles. One to donate, one to throwaway and the other to keep.



“A closet is a certain size and if you have just volumes of things that need to go in it,” said Lynn. “Obviously it doesn’t matter how many storage units you have.”

Organization is such a huge topic that Lynn came up with a creative niche.

“Now we have a sister site, Colorado Over 50 that’s geared toward the baby boomers.”

Brilliant! Many Baby Boomers (like my own mother) want to downsize. My father dreams of taking off in an RV.

“The bottom line is it saves you time and frustration.”

If you’re always looking for something (like me) it takes effect on your mental state.

“I feel like the more organized you are, your life will function better.”

Lynn has a very valuable piece of advice on her blog that I promise to live by from now on.

“For every new piece of clothing, pair of shoes or accessory you buy, get rid of at least one and possibly two items to really free up space in your closet.”



Containers are now so stylish that they blend into your decor. Don’t want to spend the extra cash for something that looks better? That’s just fine. Lynn uses the plain old plastic containers that you can find for a buck on sale.

I also love the creative ideas like hanging clothes on a ladder…. or even hanging chairs.



Don’t have extra closet space? What about an extra room? Yeah your guests may have to sleep there, but how often?



Here’s advice from The Container Store:

“Shoes that are worn most frequently should be easily accessible on lower shelves. Store less-frequently worn shoes in protective clear shoe boxes so they’re out of the way — yet easy to spot when you need them. Switching your shoes between summer and winter is a great way to save space.”

One of the comments had an easy and inexpensive solution for boots. She used a pool noodle inside each one so they’ll stand up straight.

Get organized at The Container Store.

Also, check out

Find more tips on Lynn Cressy’s blog.

I’m not going to get into organizing the kitchen just yet. One thing at a time please! I would love you to share you ideas or frustrations.