PaintInterior decorators talk a lot about the importance of artwork in your home. #loveit

You definitely want to support local artists if at all possible. However, that takes time (unless you’re loaded of course).

And if you can’t paint, options may seem limited.

Here’s one solution that I’m excited to try… transferring images to a canvas with a simple process.

I was lucky to snag an interview with a craft queen.

You can definitely call Pattie Wilkinson and expert. She has her crafty little fingers glued to the DIY world.

“I’ve just been busy with crafting things seriously my entire life,” said Wilkinson.

Her friends call her Pattie Wack and she’s been a television show host, a spokeswoman for Hobby Lobby and a contributor on

This is one serious crafter. Look at her studio! Oh lawdy.

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Oh! And an inventor of a tool to create beautiful pompoms with yarn (her favorite). Check out the picture below.

Click the link below to listen to Pattie’s tutorial on transferring art to a canvas. Plus, hear her other ideas on what else you can use to create your own artwork from scratch.




You get the drift? She knows how to transfer a beautiful picture to canvas.

“What you do is… you have a copy off of the copy machine or whatever it is that you’ve fallen in love with.”

Get creative with where to find your image and the possibilities are endless!

Magazines, newspaper, a photograph, or even your own drawings are just a few ideas.

Pattie also loves to add a date or send a message to the person you’re giving it to.

“I like to even take things like an old magazine and cut out letters to write a quote or a motivation sentence.”

Once you’ve found the image, you’ll need to find a color copier. Or go with classic black and white.

“You can do it with black and white too and that’s really a cool idea which you can touch up later with a fabric marker.”

If you have a big canvas, you’ll need to go somewhere like Kinko’s to get a copy.

Pattie starts with a canvas face up. Then, place the image with the color face down on the canvas.

“You put it face down on there so that the ink is going into the canvas.”

The glue goes on the back of the image that is placed how you want it to appear on the canvas.

“You let it dry. Then, you take water and you start pealing away that paper, which leaves the ink.”

Be careful here!

“You don’t want to do it too hard. Just use a little sponge and that will help you get a little bit of grit.”

The finish will look out of focus at this point. Stay with me here.

“After you’ve done that, it’s going to look a little bit hazy. But, then take that same decoupage medium and brush over it and you’ll see it come through more clear and your colors will brighten. And that’s all there is to it.”

You don’t have to stop there. Pattie likes to add a stencil on top.

If you went with a black and white picture, add pops of color.

“I just use fabric markers because I know that they’re water-soluble and so if I want to move the ink while it’s still wet I can move it with water.”

Pattie creates art out of anything she can get her hands on. She loves using mannequins.


Read more about transferring art on Pattie’s blog. There you’ll also find all kinds of craft ideas and tutorials.

Have a tip or a picture of your project? Let’s see it. Post in the comment section below.

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Contact artist Lori Walderich to get your own.