One of the most enlightening interior decorators I’ve interviewed so far is Michelle Van Dam.

She just gets it. We’re not out to take over the decorating world ourselves. Who has time for that? You have your own career and household to run.

We just want to know little things we can do ourselves here and there. Plus, discover who we can trust to hire when we’ve reached another decorating level.  Right?!

Michelle was so helpful, open and surprising!

Perhaps the most surprising… her answer on bathroom sinks and tubs.

See the results for yourself in the before and after pictures from

There are so many beautiful options for sinks these days. Michelle says she doesn’t ever go there.

“I always, always, always use white tubs white toilets and white sinks. It’s timely. It’s goes with everything.”

I am now a believer after she explained why.

“You can pretty much tell the age of the house when you walk in it and there’s a black toilet or a pink tube.”

Play audio below to hear the incredible decorator talk about bathroom remodels… and how to mix family heirlooms with current decor pieces.


If you want something different, Michelle plays with shapes… like a rectangular sink, or the different fixtures she used for a recent client’s bathroom remodel.

“On all of the fixtures, the plumbing fixtures and the towel bars and everything, we did the square back plates instead of round.”

Van Dam also plays with the shapes of the tile. Bigger is better. Bigger tiles make small rooms look bigger.



“Even though it’s a contemporary looking bathroom that tile is not contemporary. What makes it look more contemporary is that we did the rectangular tile and then we added in some glass elements.”

There are so many decisions to make in such a small room. It can be overwhelming on your own.

“I don’t like for anything to match. I don’t like walls to be gray like the tile. I don’t want it to be matched exactly.”

Van Dam picked Sherwin Williams Silver Mist for the walls.

“I prefer to use the same tile on the floor as I do in the shower. It just flows better. I think if you use different tiles it looks chopped up.”

AUDIO: Click HERE to listen to what else I learned from Michelle Van Dam.

Don’t forget about the finish of the tile. Michelle likes something with a little grit in the bathroom instead of polished, so they’re not slick.

“We’ll go up to seven feet minimum the height of the tile in the shower.”

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