ElleDécor.com asked Facebook friends to predict which trends will go away as 2015 begins.

BeFunky_Headboard.jpgI gotta be honest. I didn’t even know about a few of them, specifically IKAT.

I Googled it and the first image that popped up was the fabric I used on my headboard!

The number one trend on the list is inspirational phrases. I tend to agree. I loved them at first, but they’re overdone.

In 2015, I’ll just have to remember to tell my loved ones that I love them to the moon and back.

Second on the list is chevron. I asked an interior decorator this very question in Aha Moment on Mix and Match Décor.

He thinks the pattern is here to stay… like houndstooth and pinstripes. We shall see.

Mason jars made the third spot on the list. I don’t think I can weigh in here. I’m a small town girl from Kansas and have always had mason jars around the house.

Red and gold is up next. Ahem, red and gold is in? Apparently that was a big color combination in 2014.

Number five is the accent wall. I’m not so sure about this one. A big reason accent walls are big is because of the neutral color trend. An accent wall allows for a little pop of color. I’m a recovering color-aholic, so I’m holding onto this one in 2015 with both hands.

BeFunky_Mark.jpgIKAT is sixth and we already discussed it.

Last on the list is an overtiled room. I get this one, but just picked out the tile for the BF’s master bathroom last weekend.

Looks like I’ll have to be out of style in this category for 2015.

I was a little surprised that carpet didn’t make the list. I have many friends who are taking carpet out for health and décor reasons.

One thing is evident though while reading the comments. People are really passionate about the topic. I hope that never goes out of style.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Is there anything on the list you don’t agree with?

Maybe there’s something not on the list that you feel should be included. Leave a comment!