Home decor may not be the first thing that comes to mind when experiencing the death of a loved one or divorce, but the words do have a correlation.

BeFunky_Christmas.jpgOne year ago on Christmas Eve I sat in a hospital room with my mother. Her husband passed away that night.

John was a great step-father to me and always believed I was destined for greatness.

I was so fortunate to have a step-father that felt that way about me and my brother.

For the next week I spent with my mother, I worried about unfinished projects around her home.

All of the sudden the leaky roof and the cracked driveway seemed more dire with her single income and living so far away.

In the months that followed, we talked a lot about the possibility of selling the house and downsizing to a rented apartment.

When that day comes, it’ll be interesting to see what her place looks like. People who have been married for years may not know what kind of decor they like. They’ve been compromising with a partner.

Besides death, is divorce and I happen to be an expert at starting over after two failed marriages. That is hard for me to admit. I’m not proud of being twice divorced and stayed in my second marriage too long because of that fear.

Both times I left with a suitcase without a place to sleep that night. It’s odd when you don’t even have a fork or a bed.

Now at 40-years-old the furniture and decor is all mine… my decision. My little condo reflects me, although I still need some things like curtains and a coffee table.

Feather-Trim TableI love the freedom of decorating the way I want, often delving in to crazy DIY projects like the feathers I added to the edge of a table I bought for a steal from a friend and refinished. I absolutely loved it!

I also painted huge metallic gold diamonds on the walls. When I was finished, I repainted the wall in another color and changed the diamond shade to silver.

Painting a wall was like therapy. I’d blast music and grab a glass of wine (or two) and stay up late enjoying my decor rebirth.

Oh…. I also replaced an interior door with an old wooden screen door. Everyone thought it was nutty, but I adored that door.

For months I have been going back and forth on whether to rent something bigger or buy a place with more room. Right now I have the convenience of a simple phone call when something breaks.

I love my little place. However, I’ve started to outgrow it and need more space.

Click link below to hear a private conversation with my mother and aunt on decor and lessons learned after death and divorce.


My BF has a big beautiful home and I could live there. However, I chose to live on my own… partly because of the freedom to decorate as I chose.

I’ve grown used to doing what I want with my home and really, really enjoy that part of life.

I fell in love with a neighborhood I visited for this blog! You may remember the post on the mid-century homes. I’ll end up in the Lortondale neighborhood one day.

A few months ago I sat down for an interview with my mother and my aunt to find out their thoughts on renting or owning a house and home decor for single ladies. I learned a lot. Check out the DIY April podcast and let me know what you think. Maybe you have a story about starting over. I’d love to hear it. Leave a comment below. You can also go the the DIY April Facebook page.

Here are some pictures I took of aunt Kelly’s eclectic bachelorete decor:

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And here are the goodies I found during our three-day shopping spree:

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