BeFunky_Mark.jpg I’ve been slowly taking the BF through a master bathroom transformation. We started seven years ago when we first started dating.

I’ll never forget the moment he walked me into the room on the first tour through his beautiful home.

I couldn’t help but tease him about the black wallpaper with big pink flowers. Yuck! Was that EVER in style?

I had a headache when I left. I don’t know if it was from the laughter or the busy walls.

Fortunately, the BF has a good sense of humor.

Fast forward to this afternoon.

I just got back from a trip to Home Depot with my old-fashioned BF.

I was prepared to lose a battle, but took a different approach…. hehehe. #Winning

Just so you know what I was up against, the BF is very traditional and hesitant to change. Exhibit A… his matching bedroom furniture from the 1970s.

BeFunky_Dresser.jpgWe set off to buy a dark khaki 12X12 tile.

Anything would have been an update, but one thing I’ve learned from interviewing interior decorators for this blog is that gray is king right now.

Plus, an interview I haven’t posted here yet talks about bigger tiles and what they can do for a space (stay tuned).

We walked down the tile isle at Home Depot as I pretended to like the tiles he described (shhh!). Then, we got to a 12X18 tile in light contemporary gray. He said, “I like that one.” It was his idea of course. 😉

I was off, racing to find trim and grout before he could change his mind.

Picture the old game show where you could keep everything you could fit into the shopping cart, but you only had a certain amount of time.

I took a video of the tile, but my phone battery crashed and I can’t recover the glorious moment. You’ll just have to trust me here.

The current tile wasn’t horrible, but was in horrible shape and had an outdated hunter green trim.

BeFunky_Mark2.jpg The BF did the demolition himself.

He surprised me one Saturday afternoon. I was definitely surprised.

We hadn’t even talked about it!

And, because he has two daughters in college, he’s pretty frugal (which I actually love).

Plus, we’re in the process of other big projects.

The family room floor is down to the concrete after one of his girls spilled a bucket of turquoise paint. Hey… don’t judge. She was using the paint to workout. She’s so funny.

The carpet was old anyway and needed replaced.

The BF was able to remove the tile, but hired professionals to replace it. The guys are working right now as I write this post!

He built most of the house himself 17 years ago. But, even he knows when it’s time to do-it-yourself and when it times to hire someone.

The tile will be finished this week. Check back for an update!