It’s the time of year when we feel the pressure to look our best for holiday parties. The rest of the year, you may concentrate on your home decor. Now it’s time to spend a little time on you.

Aly6.jpgI always plan plenty of time to get ready for a special occasion, but it never turns out that way.

Just this past weekend I went to the BF’s work Christmas party. I tried to shop that day for something to wear. Bad, very bad idea. I couldn’t even find a parking space.

Fortunately, I scheduled a hair appointment for the same day, before I knew about the party.

I have the best hair stylist and thought it was a great opportunity to interview Alyssa Cruce on how to fix your own hair.

It’s amazing what you can learn when you have a great hair stylist and ask questions. I learned a ton.

We started with when to shampoo.

“I always tell people, if you tend to get oily quickly, then you’ll want to wash it the day of,” said Cruce. “But, if you’re not someone who gets oily really quick, then wash it the night before… maybe even the day before and wear it styled, because most people like their second day better, especially for party hair.”

If you are like me, and don’t want to buy a slew of products, Alyssa recommends one product.


“My favorite party hair product is a product from Kevin Murphy called Anti-Gravity Spray. And it actually has heat protection as well, so it’s your hold and you heat protection all in one product. You can put it on wet or you can put it on dry. So, it’s super versatile and it will make your curls last all night long. It’s my favorite product.”

The spray is about $25 per bottle… not bad considering how much you’d spend on multiple products to do the same thing.

“The number one thing to make it not make it look too contrived is don’t use too much hairspray.”

Once that happens it looks glued and there’s no turning back. Add body with dry shampoo.

“Even if you washed it that day, and you want a little extra grip to your hair, just throw some dry shampoo in there, just kind of all over. You don’t even have to really spend a lot of time on it. It’s just going to give your hair a little bit of extra texture for the style.”

Here’s how Alyssa fixed my hair for an old glamorous Hollywood look:

“If you’re going to use an iron, it’s not really necessary to spend a whole lot of time drying because you’re doing most of your styling with a tool that you’re using.

For a smoother finish, you have to commit to blowing your hair completely dry.

Make sure you use a quality round brush. Blow each strand dry while rolling the brush from the root to the tip.

Also, angle the blow-dryer toward the floor and not toward the ceiling. That helps make the hair smooth without fly-aways.

Aly5.jpg“What’s really popular right now of course is texture. Everybody’s got a lot of curl in their hair and especially when it comes to holiday hair. You really can’t overdo it. It’s always fun to me to get really wild with the texture…. really big curls and maybe pull out some products that you don’t normally use.”

Alyssa used a wand on my hair, which I didn’t know how to use or why you’d use it. She says the wand is longer creating more room for your strands to heat evenly.

“Grab a curling iron that you don’t normally use and have fun with it.”

If you’re really uncomfortable trying something new, try a sparkly headband or pin.

“Accessories are a great way to spice up just maybe how you normally wear your hair and then add something sparkly.”

Check out Alyssa’s blog for her Metric Hair Studio.

“Some people like to put their hair up and some people have no idea where to start. Pinterest is great for that.”


If you find something you like, try it the day before.

AUDIO: Click HERE to listen to the entire interview, plus interviews with men on what they like women to wear.

Have fun with your makeup too. It’s a great time to get away with trying something new and bold.

“I love gold eyeshadow with a nice wine colored lip. To me that’s just the easiest holiday makeup you can do.”


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Check out the amazing scene at the Christmas party.