Rachael4Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why you love to DIY and decorate your space? Does is really matter?

It does to a former fashion journalist for the Seattle Times and blogger for Her After.

“Because an environment in which everything speaks to the imagination is paramount to a successful, fulfilling existence,” writes Rachael Yahne. “A well-lived life, just like a well-decorated home, takes a bit of planning, and a lot of awareness.”

Life gets so hectic that taking time to make your home beautiful can seem so small and frivolous.

Rachael doesn’t think so, and she’s been through hell… even pioneering the way for others who would be unfortunate (but fortunate) to follow in her shoes.

“I’m 27 today,” Rachael says. “And when I was diagnosed with cancer I was 17.”

Rachael and her doctor decided to do an experimental treatment only used on two or three people before.


“They found cancer in my chest… Hodgkin’s Lymphoma that was so advanced that we had to fly to California and start treatment about three days later.”

Rachael and her family tackled the monster with enthusiasm, even having fun with baldness and wigs. When I was her age, I was worried about affording Guess jeans.

Soon afterward, it was off to India to study Yoga and a stay in London and Israel to experience other cultures.

Rachael came back to the U.S. with a renewed love of design and decor and what it can do for your mental well-being.

“I wanted to talk about things like style and beauty and decorating your home, but from more of a perspective of a woman that is asking bigger questions at the same time.”

AUDIO: Click HERE to listen to Rachael’s story of surviving cancer and one trick she uses to add an accent wall on her rental in New York City.

She started in Seattle, moved on to Los Angeles and now lives in a trendy apartment in New York City where she dedicates her time writing about self-doubt and living life to the fullest on the Her After blog.

Rachael3“Each room of your home should not only be a respite, but a celebration of your own life, and life in general.”

Rachael urges everyone to take the time to create a special space that reflects what you love and what makes you… YOU happy.

“Sometimes we feel like having a space of our own is out of reach or we’d have to be this really successful interior designer or spend a lot of money. And it’s not really about that. It’s more about curating the kind of environment you want at home.”

And sometimes it’s not about the trinkets you add, but the ones you take away.

“When you look around your house and you see the kinds of things that are in there that you can just literally pick up and throw away in the garbage and never have to think about. And that’s the easiest thing, but sometimes we don’t do that.”

Yahne loves to fill her home with extra seating, beautiful pillows and soft, cozy blankets. She also has a lot of the worldly items collected on her trips overseas.


“It doesn’t have to be like expensive trinkets. it can just be books that remind you what inspires you and what kind of character and what kind of person you want to bring into the world every day when you leave the house.”

I wish we could bottle up Rachael’s positive outlook and sell it on store shelves. I won’t hold my breath, but I will be following Rachael’s journey and can’t wait to see where she is in another ten years.

Oh, Rachael had so many fabulous things to say about the decor in her home that I’m making her the topic of the next blog post. She just so happens to be using an interior decor tool that I am curious about and dying to try myself. Stay tuned….. kisses.