Out of date tileI love the fruit and vegetables on the BF’s kitchen backsplash that his ex-wife picked when they built they house 17 years ago.

Just kidding. It’s awful (although my mother likes it).

The bubble gum machine I can deal with, and even enjoy. It brings back memories from my childhood.

The asparagus tile though… yuck! The decor dilemma is that the tile is in great shape and replacing it would be a nightmare for a DIY Nuru like myself.

I was overjoyed during a an interview with Cari from the blog WithDietCokeInHand.com.

Cari isn’t afraid of a challenge, but the backsplash in the kitchen put her patience to the test.

“So far in this house, I guess that has been the most frustrating project that we’ve done.”

Removing the old backsplash was a nightmare.

“I just scraped and chiseled for hours and we finally just gave up and my husband just cut the old out and put new in,” said Cari.

She took a totally different approach with the tile in the bathroom.

“The ceramic tile was across the floor and halfway up the walls. And so it was just tan everywhere you looked.”

That’s a lot of tile to remove. Instead, she painted it!

“We painted the ceramic tile on the floor a medium slate gray in a floor paint and it has held up.”

First, she used primer, then painted the tile on the wall white, grout and all.

“Now around the shower area, I did put a polyurethane, a waterproof polyurethane.”

Not convinced?

“My mom had painted ceramic tile in her bathroom and it stuck.”

Cari used the shower growing up and the paint never chipped.

Read more on Cari’s blog below.

AUDIO: Click HERE to find out the bold move Cari took with the ceiling in her guestroom.