I love the way Cari Vandiver describes the space at the top of a room. You know…. the square or rectangle that is often an after-thought (if ever thought about at all). Her daughter coined the phrase “The new accent wall.” Cari’s latest project on her blog is a wonderful example.

I found the DIYer on one of my favorite decorating Facebook pages (link and comments on ceiling paint below).

BeFunky_Cari9.jpgA home owner needed advice on painting her ceiling. Cari posted a bold picture.

“I was shocked at how many people liked it,” said Cari. “I thought, well… there are people that like my style.”

Take a tour through Cari’s home and you’ll find soothing coastal colors, but she wanted just one little room to express her real creative self.

She decided to take a risk in the guest room that she now calls her Gypsy Room. Get this, her husband went to the store to buy the orange paint.

“It was darker than I thought I wanted, but then after I looked at it for a little while I was like oh, I love it. I just absolutely love it!”

AUDIO: Click HERE to listen to Cari describe her ceiling remodel and find out what happened after she painted the tile in her bathroom.

Think about the money you spend on light fixtures. Why not showcase that? Makes sense to me.

Cari said, “We painted the walls white and it just popped.”

However, not everyone agrees. BeFunky_Ceiling1.jpg

Here are some of the most interesting posts from the Remodelaholic Facebook page:

Richelle Killian – Color is optional but the sheen on the ceiling should always be flat to hide imperfections.

Michelle Bolt-DubanowskiNo. Take the wall color and have it diluted to a very light shade of the wall color. I did this in my living room and dining room……super pretty!

Cindy Jones BechinskiNo one answered your question about “when” to paint. I only re-paint my ceiling if I am doing a major re-do of the room or every 5 years or so. I do brush it off and keep it clean in-between.

Barb FulghamVery glad we went against all advice and covered our flat white ceiling with soft white eggshell– our dark room instantly was brighter. I always mix in a cup of the wall color to make it compatible and not too glaringly different.

Donna CurranI will never have white ceilings again. Alot of designers suggest a color one or two shades lighter than your walls if your walls are a darker color. Painting the ceiling something other than white makes any room look complete.

Debra Ward McKinneyThe ceiling is the fifth wall of your room. Even on 8′ ceilings a soft color can work. If you have nice moulding, painting the ceiling one shade darker will make moulding pop!

Rita DuBoisMy daughter used light blue. Magical effect. Popped the other colors without looking blue. Like the sky does for the earth.

Amy KaratzThe reason ceilings are usually painted white is that they get less light than the walls. Between low light and flat paint, ceilings painted the wall color will seem to be darker than the walls.

John HeideDon’t paint it. Put recycled barn tin on it. It’d what all the cool kids do…

BeFunky_Ceiling2.jpgLori Ann EanesI had a galley kitchen in one of my homes. The ceiling had canned lights and I painted the ceiling black it was stunning.

Sonya L. Barbier –  Eggshell on the ceilings makes it seem brighter by reflecting some light back. I hate flat ceiling paint.                                      Courtesy: Facebook

Karla HoggeAnytime I paint a room, I paint the ceiling. I do my cutting in around the perimeter and light fixtures on the ceiling first and then use a roller to paint the whole thing.

Read more on Remodelaholic’s Facebook page.

Also, check out Cari’s blog and learn about her kitchen remodel.