I read a couple of articles today that disturbed me on the downward trend of DIY. A large retailer in the UK just announced a store closure and big layoffs.

Nick Harding writes, “DIY is not fun…. It is inherently a dull and frustrating pastime. If a job is worth doing, it’s worth paying a Polish builder to do it properly.”

Read his article in The Independent called “DIY is not fun and we’ve finally realised this as a nation.”

BeFunky_Old-Headboard3.jpgThat’s B.S.! DIYers aren’t disenfranchised with the idea of creating. They’re figuring out that the definition of DIY doesn’t come from the elaborate pictures and videos.

The reason for the possible downfall of DIY is the portrayal on television shows, magazines and, yes… sometimes blogs.

That’s not DIY!

What we’re seeing is a team of professionals… interior decorators, designers, electricians and carpenters. And even they get incredibly frustrated.

Now, we can’t blame the big bad media for their depiction of DIY. I happen to be a part of that group… made up of people just like yourself.

We all love the shows and have binged on the episodes. It’s a great way to find ideas.

You know the saying “you’re eyes were bigger than your stomach.” Your eyes do the same thing when you see beautiful living spaces and big projects fit into a 30 minute show.

Plus, people love pretty pictures. Would you watch my grandma demonstrate how to make doily? Think about it.

Don’t put the pink tool set in the garage sale bin just yet.

Beautiful Art Deco entrance to the store

Beautiful Art Deco entrance to the store

True DIYers are actually coming together to share their craft… even providing the tools and instruction for nothing.

In my community, and other cities nationwide, you can find workshops for next to nothing. Painting, sewing and even spinning your own yarn are just a few.

Here’s one example of an event coming up at the Indie Emporium.

Also, the demand for re-purposed materials  is on a steep incline.

John Walden, Chief Executive of Homebase’s parent company, blames “the rise of a generation less skilled in DIY projects.”

I don’t believe the reason for a decline in DIY sales number can be blamed on Millennials at all. Actually, the ones I know love to DIY.

Just last night a friend whispered in my ear that she is embarrassed about hiring an interior  decorator. I screamed no! That’s what they’re for. Don’t be ashamed when you spend your time on the twins and building your business.

Instead of throwing in the towel, ask yourself if this is something you can realistically tackle? Do you have the tools and the time? Will you enjoy the project, despite the obstacles to come?

If the answer is yes, go for it. And if not, DO NOT be ashamed to hire a professional.

Collar necklace made out of books

Collar necklace made out of books

Read more about “The rise and fall of the do-it-yourself bug” from The Telegraph.

There is very little research on the topic. However, I managed to find one study early on in this blog and podcast. Click HERE for more.

Click HERE to find a list of questions to ask yourself before tackling a big project.

I call myself a Nuru, my word for someone with a passion for DIY, without the expertise and experience. Right now I’m working on several simple projects that are frustrating the hell out of me.

March on my sisters and brothers. You decide on your DIY empire. Kisses to you all.