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I’ve been working for months to snag an interview with Jackie Jordan. She’s the person responsible for Sherwin-Williams color forecast palletes. That’s a huge job!

I didn’t know what to expect and was actually a little nervous about the interview. I quickly learned that Jordan, Director of Color Marketing for Sherwin-Williams, is just as real as the rest of us.

Jackie has worked hard to get where she is. The color innovator knows she’s only as good as her team and gives them most of the credit. unrestrained1

DIY Nuru: Tell me a little bit about yourself and how did you get into this business.

Jackie: Oh my gosh. Well, my background is interior design. That’s what my degree is in. And I’ve worked for Sherwin-Williams for 29 years.

DIY Nuru: You recently did a color forecast. Tell us about that.

Jackie: It’s a great way to kind of expose designers and consumers to the latest and greatest when it comes to what is influencing and driving the future of color and design direction.

DIY Nuru: How do you go about doing something like that? How do you pick the colors? Everyone asks you I’m sure.

AUDIO: Click HERE to listen to Jackie Jordan describe the process of leading the world in color.

Jackie: It’s myself along with several other members of Sherwin-Williams that work in different business segments. And they bring all different perspectives to the table and we meet annually and we all bring our research that we have compiled throughout the year.

It can be investigating what’s happening in cinema and theater. We look at what’s going on pop culture, fashion… what’s happening globally. Are there any great global events that we should be paying attention to as well as blogs and websites?


Buoyant Palette Image


Jackie: This one was certainly driven by our optimism for the future in that we’re finally kind of through this recession. We’re on the rebound now. And we just have this very beautiful and optimistic spirit for the future.

We’re also looking at big bold florals in a new way. We’re seeing a revival in this vintage Hawaiian spirit… the big banana leaf and palm leaf patterns. It’s very refreshing. And we’re also exploring the rain forests.

The medicinal aspect of it as well as all of the things that we use for our cosmetics and our beauty to make us feel good. And, of course, just the landscape there… the beautiful colors of the flora and spawn that range from beautiful bright tropical colors to very deep greens.


Unrestrained Palette Image


Jackie: There is a lot of inspiration and drivers here from both Africa, specifically South Africa, as well as the continuation of the black American influence that we will see continuing for many many probably decades.

We were looking at a couple different things there. One in particular that we explored was a festival called Design Indaba in Cape Town South Africa. And it really is giving South African designers this wonderful platform to expose themselves to an international buying audience, which in turn brings some of the products to other countries and gives us more exposure to some of the great things that are being created there.

It’s not just traditional crafts. New artists that are using their culture and their heritage and their inspiration from their traditional crafts, but turning it into something really new and interesting using different types of materials and bringing this new kind of contemporary aesthetic from that part of the world.

And then of course, Latin America with Brazil in particular and the World Cup Soccer Tournament that was just there, as well as the 2016 Olympics coming up. So we’re seeing a lot of that carnival spirit and being inspired by those very vibrant colors.”

DIY Nuru: What is the biggest difference then from now to say 10 years ago? Did we do darker colors then? I’m thinking people are lightening it up a little bit.

Jackie: We’ve certainly seen a trend over the past few years of lightning that up. We’re seeing lots and lots of lighter colors… lots more usage of white and gray being very popular both in the light and in the dark aspect.

That’s on one side of where color is moving and then we’re also seeing a little bit of that comeback of the brighter floral notes and some of the primaries coming into the marketplace as well.


Voyage Palette Image


Jackie: This is a really interesting one. This palette stems from our exploration of both space and under our oceans, so it’s this voyage that takes us beyond our earthly plains.

The colors were inspired by some of the beautiful atmospheric events that are happening in late 2014 and throughout 2015.

AuroraThe Aurora Borealis as well as the Four Blood Moons that are being highly talked about, as well as exploration into space.

And companies that are on the verge of giving us, the average person the opportunity to fly into space in the not so distant future.

Courtesy: Jeff Y Luo Flickr


Chrysalis Palette Image


Jackie: This is really about change and transformation, but it’s also about this escape from this lifestyle that we lead that’s 24-7. So we never shut it off but we need to in order to keep our sanity really.

The colors here are really inspired by earth and sky, but looking at the landscape a little bit differently and looking at it through a more blurred lens kind of a softer focus with a calmer sentiment.

It’s about relaxing environments… about using neutral colors and natural colors that we find in the earth and sky.


Jackie is already starting to work Color Forecast 2016. She’s also preparing for the 150th anniversary of Sherwin-Williams. Can’t wait to see what she has in store!