I’ve re-done several pieces of furniture that turned out beautifully. So… when I recently tackled the task of re-finishing a family heirloom, I didn’t blink. Now I’m blinking in hopes of every time my eyes open the mess will magically go away.

Here’s what I did wrong. The table looked great to begin with. Dad hired someone to shabby-chic the 1900s table several years ago.


The color didn’t match my decor. I just needed to add ivory. Yes I drink red wine with ice. Don’t judge. 😛

In a hurry…. I picked the wrong color and added yellow once I got home. Oh my! Bad idea. Plus, I forgot to sand it first. #embarrassing

I decided to sand it down and start over.

I took the old screws out, pulled the table apart and did it the right way.

The first couple of coats of antique silver paint are on and it looks fabulous. Can’t wait to see what it looks like when it’s finished!

Here is my inspiration picture from The Vintage Attic. Click HERE to buy the paint.



I’m really excited about the paint. Stay tuned.