1909247_10152797610666810_4414893263535736983_oSometimes DIYers get tunnel vision. We have a picture in our mind of what the end result should look like and sometimes miss an opportunity to STOP!

Time can’t be wasted when you have a billion other projects to finish. Right?

Do yourself a favor and stop for a second. Maybe there’s an unexpected finish like you see in this staircase.

The key here is having an eye for it. I’m guilty. I might not notice a piece is beautiful just the way it is until someone else says so.

That’s what happened to this DIYer. AND the “unfinished” staircase stresses her out for years.

Read more on the homeowner’s story HERE.

Pimpinellate Upholstery

For years I’ve been working on this staircase once in a while. It’s been my bad conscience for so long and I always apologise for how it looks when someone visits us. Today when a friend, who works with commercials, saw the staircase, she said it was the most beautiful she has ever seen. Hard to believe, but if more people say it is beautiful (which they actually do) I might believe them. So perhaps I won’t paint the staircase after all.


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