BeFunky_Apartment1.jpgI was thrilled when I came across this picture of my old apartment recently.

I moved in with only a blow-up mattress and a suitcase. Still… I was in heaven.

Every piece of furniture was donated by family and friends or bought for a heck of a price.

Decorating the apartment only cost me about $500 (thanks to a fabulous support system).

I painted the diamonds on the wall and enjoyed them so much that I repainted that same wall with different colors three times.

I should have left it alone. Sometimes the first time is the charm.

The width at the widest point of each diamond is three feet. Don’t worry about making the measurements exact. No one will believe you painted it yourself if you do đŸ˜‰

I marked each top point and center point with a pen. BeFunky_Apartment.jpg

Tape makes the rest easy. I placed the blue painters tape from the top point to the center point….. and oooh-la-la. Mathematically challenged DIYers have instant lines.

I waded up a plastic grocery bag (love re-purposed plastic) and dipped it into the gold paint. I started each stroke on the tape and worked my way toward the invisible center line and repeated on the other side.

This is an super easy technique to add instant glamor.

Don’t fuss about the color. Even white on white would be fabulous. Simply make sure the finish is different… like a high gloss with a flat.

Have a decor question? It doesn’t matter how small or big.

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