I’ve never seen anything like the bouquet in Gina Hosey’s wedding picture. I haven’t spoken to her in decades, but couldn’t get that picture out of my head for days.

BouquetI found a photo of the arrangement (she made herself) while trolling around on Facebook a couple of weeks ago.

Hosey agreed to share her story with DIY April AND how to make that very bouquet! I couldn’t believe it.

Before we get into the instructions, I want you to know what makes Gina’s story so unique.

First, her wedding day was less than a year ago.

The unique bride was about to marry the love of her life and ordinary decor wasn’t in the cards.

Gina-Monday8“My pastor was trying to make extra space in their storage area in their basement and he thought of me when he found the hymn books,” said Hosey.

Hallelujah! Click play below to listen to Gina tell the story.

“When we were talking about our wedding day, we were trying to figure out a bouquet and I thought, well it just makes sense to make it out of the hymn paper.”

Gina quickly went to work figuring out how to use the pretty, and very meaningful, paper to add to her special day.

After the wedding she posted pictures on Facebook and the requests started pouring in.

“I was surprised and thrilled.”

Gina home schools her adorable young daughter with Down Syndrome and Autism. Finding a way to teach her child and make a little extra income was an unexpected blessing.

Looking from the outside in….. her talent was there all along.

“This paper creating didn’t come about until my parents moved out of the home that my dad built. They had that home for 38 years. And they had this huge set of old dictionaries.”

The books were a memory from Hosey’s childhood and were actually her grandmothers. Her parents looked for a place to donate the vintage pages filled with words that aren’t used by today’s teens.

“They were trying to figure out where to donate them and, you know I remember those from when I was a little girl and I didn’t want them to get rid of them.”

She decided to transform the old weathered and yellowed pages into decor that now hangs in her home…. something similar to the recreation she later did with another family heirloom.

“I have a recipe book that I think it’s from the 40s. And I made it into a wreath for my home.”

That was less than a year ago. Since then, Gina has expanded her craft to include holiday ornaments, banners and decorations for a child’s room. The materials are all from books, which she now sells at a store on Main Street in Independence, Kansas.

People now send their own special books to Gina to transform into timeless works of art. Pieces that can be handed down from generation to generation…. telling the story of ancestors that may have been forgotten otherwise.

GinaSo, back to making your very own bouquet…

“It’s actually a lot easier than what you think,” Hosey said.

However, it IS time consuming.

Start by cutting out a circle.

“I don’t use a template. I just try and do all different shapes and sizes.”

Next, draw a swirl that ends in the middle and cut along the line.

“You go to the end of your circle where you started your cut, and then you just completely keep twisting it until it’s a really tight piece of paper.”

Use a hot glue gun to secure the base of each flower. Gina also glues a pearl in the center of each rose.

You also use the glue to place each rose on a Styrofoam sphere. She makes smaller roses to fill in the gaps.

“It really becomes a keepsake piece because then you can display it in your home and every time you look at it us bring back those memories of your special day.”

Click play below to hear Gina tell the story in her own words. Plus, she shares her other paperwork art.



Besides the beauty, the vintage bouquets add function the a day filled with little bitty details that can go wrong and add stress to any wedding day. On my wedding day, the floral shop sent over daisies. I ordered sunflowers (the state flower of my home state).

Brides can get the paper flowers well before the big day. Plus, it’s an instant decoration that can last your lifetime and beyond.

Think about the smile on your face when your daughter, or daughter-in-law, walks down the isle with the very same bouquet.

How about using the bouquet at the wedding shower if the bride isn’t exactly excited about the idea on her wedding day!

Mrs. Hosey sells her amazing pieces online. Click HERE to visit Gina Hosey’s Facebook page and get a peek at all of her other goodies. Her vintage Halloween decor is amazing.

You can also click HERE to check out Magnolia Scents by Design.


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Update: Gina’s business is growing. She now has beautiful Christmas decorations to offer.

Plus. Check out her amazing book letters! These would look amazing in an office, kitchen or kids room.


I’m going to buy the books in the last name for the special people in my life… the ones who are impossible to buy for like my dad. Kisses.