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The story I’m about to share will hopefully inspire you, and may make you a little jealous.

I can admit it. I’m thrilled at my friend Carrie Evert’s sudden success, but there’s always that little ugly voice down deep that wants to know “Why not me?”

We have to back up a little bit to truly get the full scope of what happened here.

I met Carrie about 13 years ago. We were just starting our journalism careers at the ABC affiliate in Lincoln, Nebraska. BeFunky_Carrie9.jpg

She was driven and amazing at producing a newscast quickly. Actually, she made it look a little too easy, even finding the time to knit… after her newscast of course.

Evert quickly moved up to bigger television markets. The more demanding… the better. Then, she had her first son. By the second, Everet was a stay at home mom.

Fast forward to today. She’s back in the spotlight.

“I’ve combined my degree in broadcasting with my hobby of knitting and pushed it to a whole new medium,” said Evert.

Carrie posted an arm knitting tutorial video on YouTube less than a year ago (which DIY Nuru readers and listeners saw immediately right here). #winning

“It was actually very organic, just how it came about. We never said oh, I hope this can take us places or, you know, lets make a million dollars making arm knitting videos. I mean, there’s a million of those videos out there.”

BeFunky_Carrie4.jpgHere’s what I want you to know and remember. Carrie has been knitting for 30 years. HOWEVER, it wasn’t until last Fall when she picked up the new arm knitting skill that would kick-start a new career.

“In a hotel room in Des Moines, my aunt and I taught ourselves how to arm knit.”

When she got back from the trip, Carrie showed her knitting club at the public library. The library workers took notice and asked if she would be willing to teach classes. The first two sessions filled up right away.

“The kids picked it up really fast,” said Evert. “The adults did too but the kids were just like, you would show them how to start and they were gone.”

The next step… Carrie and her producer/director husband decided to share her new knowledge with everyone on YouTube. They filmed in the early morning or late night hours when the boys were asleep.

Then…. BeFunky_Carrie5.jpg

“In March or April, the website Curious got a hold of me. They emailed me wanting to know if I would become one of their knitting teachers.”

Curious took her from teaching at the public library to teaching the world.

“The website is only about three years old. The website has over a 1000 teachers and it’s a website for lifestyle learning or as they call it lifelong learning. And you can take any class on there from like, how to change your oil to salsa dancing to palates to scrap booking… a lot of DIY.”

The website wanted a ten week class.

“So I just started thinking of things off the top of my head. What have I created patterns for? What do I have? Oh, headbands, mug koozies, more arm knitting, wine bottle koozies. I submitted all of this stuff and they accepted it.”

BeFunky_Carrie11.jpgSo, Carrie started to get a paycheck for her knitting courses. Then, another incredible, and unexpected, circumstance happened to take her to an even higher level.

She was shopping with her mom in a new clothing boutique when, “She saw my mom’s cowl and she said where did you get that? And my mom said, oh my daughter knitted that.”

Yep, that happened. The shop owner asked Carrie if she would make her knitted goodies to sell. Now she spends her time, in between being a mommy and a teacher, creating beautiful knitted pieces for a boutique that sells Coach and Kate Spade purses.

Wow, just wow!BeFunky_Carrie200.jpg

You’ll hear much more from Carrie Everet here on the DIY Nuru blog AND the podcast.

In the next post/episode, Carrie shares how to begin knitting.

AUDIO: Click HERE to listen to Carrie talk about her new career and how to begin to knit.

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