Feather-Trim TableI loved that black shiny table with feather boa trim.

The stout legs and thick wood top may look like a DIY April project gone wild, but it was actually a reminder of my wonderful new life. BeFunky_Table3.jpg

Tonight the floor where my remodeled table sat is empty, just like it was during my divorce six years ago.

At the time, I didn’t even have a bed. My brother bought a blow up mattress that I tried to spruce up with a hand-me-down comforter from a friend.

I bought the Swedish table from a co-worker. I barely knew Beth then, but now we’re friends for life.

It was the only piece of furniture I had and I looked forward to my evenings slowly brushing each stroke while Sade belted out ballads.

PapaNow it’s time to bring an important part of my family history back to life. Table101

The old farm table, from the early 1900’s, is where my father and HIS father sat down to eat after a long day on the Kansas wheat farm.

Dad offered to hand down the table to me a few years ago. I said no because I had a table!

DadThe family heirloom sat in storage for the last few years. It doesn’t fit with my dad’s newly remodeled kitchen. It actually doesn’t fit with my décor either.

It wasn’t until getting elbow deep into the DIY Nuru blog and podcast that I realized how crazy that was.

I woke up one day, a couple of months ago,  and frantically sent dad an email asking if the table was up for grabs (he tried to give it to other family members).

My father had the table re-done several years ago in a white shabby-chic.Table100

The table is still in pieces on my dining room floor. Everyday, when I come home from work, I think, “I gotta get rid of the old table so I can tackle the really old table.”

Finally, this week I found her a wonderful home. She won’t be a table any longer. Greg Bridges, at the Southern Magnolia in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, is adding his magic touch.

I can’t wait to see what he comes up with. I have a feeling I could be buying it back!

So, my first DIY action on the farm table was a mistake. I attempted to add black stripes to the legs and it looks awful.

BeFunky_Table2.jpgI’ll be removing the stripes and only plan to add subtle changes that can be easily removed. Stay tuned! Also stay tuned to see how my old table turns out.