Dad thought I was crazy when I called him in the middle of a Sunday afternoon to ask if he could run down to my old high school and buy a few of the old auditorium chairs (at $3 a piece). The school was about to go through a much needed overhaul.Old High School Auditorium Chairs

My father also thought I was nuts when I sent him down to the antique store on Main Street to grab a screen print of the incredible park from my childhood (for $25).photo 2

I gathered my new-old goodies on one wall and have never looked back.

I want you to take the same risk. Don’t hide your old memories. Showcase them!

Think your memorabilia doesn’t fit with your décor? Good news… it’s now trendy to mix old with new.

pic4Before you convince yourself that your valuable possessions don’t fit the rest of the décor, ask yourself this question.

What makes that brand new item from a chain store more fashionable than your old pieces?

My guess is you’ve moved them around in boxes from home to home and state to state.

Not convinced? Here’s another story. My entire family thought I had really lost my mind when I wanted the 40-year-old brown couch from my grandparents. You should have seen their faces when I decided to reupholster it in red velvet!image

Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Don’t ever throw out an old mirror, re-frame or re-purpose as a table top
  • Paint an old dining table with high gloss or shabby chic with chalk paint (I stapled feathers around the bottom and added modern chairs)Feather-Trim Table
  • Mix old vases with chrome or gold accents on a shelf or bookcaseShiny
  • Frame old 45 records and line with chevron fabric
  • Hang instruments or just set on the floor against the wall
  • Paint old farm chairs for patio or kitchen table
  • Refinish old rocking chairs and add new fabric

ShabbyIf you have items that REALLY don’t match the decor, or you just don’t want to display for everyone to see, think about the spaces that aren’t prominent in your home like the garage or closet.

My heart warms every time I walk into my laundry room and see the family tree from my mother’s side.Laundry

You can also Modge Podge old images on frames, vases or furniture. Make copies if you don’t want to ruin the original.

One of my favorite trends is to use jewels to make a bridal bouquet or a wreath.

How about adding your heirloom to the garden?

imageYou can’t fail here. If you don’t like how it looks, simply move to another space in a few months. You’ll know when it’s just right.

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