This is a story you need to hear if you’ve ever dreamed about remodeling a house.

“Imagine anything that could possibly go wrong while you’re trying to re-do a house and it probably happened to us,” said Lyndsi Dooley.

  • Lyndsi’s story begins nearly three years ago: BeFunky_Lyndsi1.jpg

“I was actually living with a roommate in just a little two bedroom house. And then our lease was up and I was trying to figure out what to do.”

The young, single career woman fell in love with the idea of fixing up an old vacant house on her parent’s property in rural Oklahoma.

“It was a nasty vacant house, but it was vacant. So I decided when the lease was up, I moved back in with my parents and we were going to fix this house back up.”

  • First step… clear out the house:

The house was left vacant after an elderly man, with dementia, moved to a nursing home.

“We filled up two entire construction dumpsters with just his belongings, which was like the saddest thing ever, pictures and everything. They didn’t want it.”

  • Next, Lyndsi found bugs… tons of them:

BeFunky_Lyndsi2.jpg“He was living there without electricity… without running water. So the roaches were covering the entire inside of the house.”

They had a lot to do before they could even just start painting the walls.

“We had to exterminate the house to get rid of what was there and then we had to physically scrub every inch of this house.”

AUDIO: Click HERE to find out if Lyndsi is happy in her house. BeFunky_Lyndsi5.jpg

The exterminators were there for weeks and Lyndsi couldn’t step foot inside the house. It was just the beginning of the unexpected expenses (later they found a termite problem).

  • Then, a problem that was REALLY unexpected…. theft:

By this point Lyndsi was feeling defeated and the real hard work and horror had only just begun.  Thieves swiped all of the new windows stored in a shed on the property AND came back the next day for more.

“They had come back for whatever was left. I had some ceiling fans and stuff like that.”

BeFunky_Lyndsi3.jpgLyndsi’s mother pulled up right after the two men had backed the truck up to the shed doors.

“She was scared and she didn’t want to confront them and so they ended up taking off and she followed them for a while.”

The crooks got away and were never caught.

“We ended up being able to get everything back except for $500 on our deductible.”

In the meantime, Lyndsi had to replace all of the plumbing and electricity. She found spots in the attic where the wood was burned from the old wiring. BeFunky_Lyndsi1.jpg

“I really wish we would have just burned it down and built a new house because it would have been easier I think.”

  • The next hurdle set her back at least six months… health problems mixed with weather:

“It’s like 100 degrees. And then Curtis, the step-dad who is doing all of the work on the house in the first place, has a heart attack.”

There was one bright spot. Curtis couldn’t put the new metal roofing on, which may have ended up a blessing.

“We bought all of the roofing, but he couldn’t get up on the ladder after heat attack to put the roofing on. And so we had a storm and a tree fell through the roof.”

BeFunky_Lyndsi4.jpgThe tree went through the roof into the bathroom.

“It was a learning experience and I’m thankful for it. And I love being in my house now, but it was a lot of work.”

Even simple projects were difficult.

“I think we painted that house for weeks. And then the weather, it was either too cold or too hot and the paint wouldn’t dry.”

  • Lyndsi, now living in the home for three months, has one remodel regret:

I asked her to give me one remodel tip… something that she didn’t figure out until after she moved in.

“We went with the cheaper wood flooring just to kind of make up some of the cost that we lost. It still looked as nice, but it’s a little harder to clean.”

Lyndsi says the cheaper flooring was harder to install because the pieces didn’t fit together quite right.

  • So, would she ever do it again?

Lyndsi said, “Absolutely not. It’s just so much work.”

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