BeFunky_Mark3.jpgWanna have some fun? I recently decorated a couple of shelves in the BF’s bathroom and had a blast!

After telling (yes telling) the BF where to hang the shelves, I went on an adventure through every drawer, cabinet and closet in the house.

He actually said, “I can hang the shelves, but what are we going to put on them?” Oh no he didn’t!

As he drilled in the screws, I rummaged through every drawer, cabinet and closet. I also looked through his children’s boxes and rooms to find fun little treasures.

I gathered the goodies in a pile on the floor and started adding, subtracting and re-arranging.

The BF acted as if I had worked magic!

A few weeks later, I was thrilled to find Kristen Rockwood’s interior design blog on How to Stage a Bookcase.



It’s one of her most popular blogs with more than 100,000 clicks!

“The biggest tip I have for staging a bookcase is take pictures,” Rockwood said. “Especially if you’re trying to balance two bookcases in one room.”

That makes sense to me. How many times have you looked in the mirror to check your outfit, then saw the same thing in a picture and your opinion changed?

“So, the camera phone will help you the most with making sure it looks good.”

Kristen13But, before taking a picture, you have to arrange your things.

Kristen said you want to distribute the textures, colors, elements and products evenly.

“I love mixing metals. So, I want to make sure I’m not putting all of the silver in one area and all the gold or brass somewhere. “

A good rule of thumb is to make sure your eye moves in a zigzag pattern. For example, your silver items should not be grouped together. Place the silver pieces in a pattern that takes your eye to a different spot from shelf to shelf.

And don’t forget about the back of the bookcase.

“You can paint the back of your bookcase, or add wallpaper or stencil.”

kristen6If you still have questions post a comment and I’ll find out for you.

You can also ask Kristen yourself on her blog. Click HERE.

Tomorrow Kristen describes how she transformed a dog kennel.

It’s actually really beautiful AND functional.