In between the DIY April blogs and podcasts, I’m constantly sifting through other websites looking for designers who I feel can add the best value and advice for you the listener.kristen6

Interior Designer Kristen Rockwood has one of the most beautiful blogs I’ve found. And she offers insider advice for real people… for free.

“The awesome thing about my job is I get hired for really big full service designs. Sometimes it’s just a color consult to just help somebody with paint color.”

Help is the key word here. Kristen offers a deal that other designers can’t match.

Kristen17“One thing I also offer is for people who just need a push in the right direction an e-design, so an e-mail design where I correspond with them on the phone and email.”

Other designers charge triple… even quadruple for the same service.

“It’s just $150 and I will come up with the links to all of the products, the a color scheme, just everything that they need, a design board. And they can do everything themselves and it just cost a lot less.”

Rockwood definitely has the talent and ideas. The proof is in her pictures.Kristen10

“I just work really hard keeping the integrity of the design while making sure my clients don’t have to pay a lot of money because they can be at ease and just their space so much more.”

Now that Kristen shared her objective of saving her clients a little cash, I asked if she could share cost-saving shopping tips.

“As a designer, there’s a lot of different companies that offer designer discounts. But, I usually end up going to like TJ Maxx and Hobby Lobby.”

Kristen18Kristen was born to design. She remembers touring Parade of Homes with her mother at a very young age. In between the tour, the pair would watch HGTV and look at interior design magazines.

“So I grew up just admiring design.”

Next up, hear Kristen explain how she is able to add beautiful design to her client’s bookshelves.