Kristen5Curtains can create a dramatic pop IF you hang them in the right spot and pick the right fabric.

Chances are you (like so many) place the curtain rod right where you’ve always thought it was supposed to go… a few inches from the top of the door or the window.

The gorgeous window above is a Kristen Rockwood design.

Rockwood (one of my top five favorite interior designers) told me a few inches can make a huge difference.

“Don’t hang them right above the window,” said Rockwood. “You want to hang them probably at least a foot wider than the window and maybe like a few inches below the ceiling.”Kristen3

Now that you have the curtains in the right place, you need to decide if you want simple and versatile or dramatic.

“There’s this fabric line that I love. It’s Tonic Living and they have this really beautiful floral with dragons in it. It sounds crazy, but it’s beautiful.”

By Tonic Living

By Tonic Living

Click HERE to see the fabric from Tonic Living.

“Fabric is a way that you can be very bold and it’s something that’s very inexpensive and you can change. So you can live with it for a year or two and you can change it.”

If you’re not quite ready for dragons, there are patterns that might be more suitable for your taste.

Kristen16“If you want to be safe, a trellis or like a lattes or something like that. Just with maybe grays or an ivory.”

Neutrals are a staple in many designer portfolios. The secret sauce is in the other colors.

“The pillows and the curtains and artwork are pretty bold. And then I like pretty neutral furniture… rugs.”

Click HERE for other design ideas on Kristen Rockwood’s website. Kristen17

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Kristen has so many good things to say that I decided to break up the posts in to a five-part series.

Next I’ll reveal an incredible offer from Rockwood that will transform your room.