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OPI3The answer to your wishy-washy wall color dilemma has arrived…. and you can find it at Ace Hardware! Who knew?

The new OPI nail color palette by Clark+Kensington is now available at 3,200 Ace Hardware stores nationwide.

If you have a favorite OPI color, you may be able to find the paint color under the same name.

“That’s what the OPI loyalist coming into our store knows,” said Ace Hardware Brand Department Manager Dana Larsen. “So we want to make it easy for them to get that exact color at their neighborhood paint studio.”

Not every OPI color is available… just the best sellers.

Jenny Stephen, Consumer Marketing Public Relations Manager at Ace Hardware, said, “We worked with OPI to look at their top 50 best-selling shades that are the most iconic and popular.”

The two sides then came together to agree on 18 colors. OPI4

“We’ve got a lot of OPI followers that have a favorite color, Larsen said. “I Can’t Find My Czechbook and I Eat Mainely Lobster seem to be top trending ones from a social perspective.”

Then, to make the experience as easy as possible, the colors were put into three categories.

“If a consumer was seeking inspiration for OPI, they could look at the three palettes,” said Larsen. “They’re called The Wild Heart, Artist and The Romantic. So, three distinct looks.”

The categories make it easy for you by breaking down what goes with each color and style.

Click play below to hear the color guru talk about predicting color.


“Depending on your risk level and your personal style, you can really make these colors very livable in your home. And I think that’s what consumers are so excited about… is that these colors actually are so livable even if they’re bold.”

OPI2Surprisingly, all of the OPI colors aren’t bold. Neutrals are huge.

Homeowners and renters need to be able to pick up and move on a whim. That means vibrant colors are saved for smaller pops of color on things like furniture and pillows.

“Neutrals are the top trending colors. So, when you think of OPI, one could be excited, but think gosh, how does that translate into my home?”

Don’t feel bad if you have a hard time picking neutrals. It happens…. a lot.

“We also have Don’t Touch My TuTu, which is just a phenomenal ivory color that you can paint your walls with and then add a pop with Miami Beet for that piece of furniture in high gloss.”OPI1


I couldn’t pass up asking the two experts, who have seen all of the amazing colors, to pick a favorite.

“It’s a tough one, but I’m going to go with I Eat Mainely Lobster. I think it’s just a great color. I think it pairs really nicely with navy and neutrals.”

Dana said the color is her 7-year-old daughter’s favorite too, although she calls it I Eat Mainely Red Lobster.

Jenny is thrilled her favorite, Miami Beet, mad it into the mix.

Oh, by the way, the contract between Ace Hardware and OPI is for two years and they launched in June….. a great reason to get up off your derriere and finally put the paint roller to that old outdated wall.

Feel free to ask questions about the painting process if you’ve never done it before. I absolutely adore painting walls. However, I’ve made a lot of mistakes along the way.


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