Remember Bob Ross? I used to love watching him as a little girl.

He always made it look so easy.


I recently discovered the next best thing…. maybe even better.

Pinot’s Palette is popping up all over the country.

The owners opened the first shop in Houston in 2009.

It’s so popular in my town that there are now three locations…. and other shops just like it have opened too!



Local artists take you step by step through one painting… a different one for each class. In just two hours, you have your very own painting to take home.

It’s really affordable at around $35 and they offer wine (that’s extra of course).

I attended a class last night.




I’ve now attended two classes and each time I learn a new technique.

My friends and I have talked about doing our own version by using one of our artist buddies. Why not? I’ll let you know how it goes.

We already tried a slightly different version… we called it a paint party.

Click play below to hear about that fun night.


So, here’s my very first painting without any help.



It may not be a Picasso, but everyone has to start somewhere. If I dressed it up with a matte and a frame, I might even hang it on my wall.

Here’s a step-by-step. The red marks are my brush strokes.

First, I painted the canvas with gold acrylic. Then… two simple circles. One big and one small, leaving enough room for petals.








Here’s a really simple way to create art in less than 60 seconds.



And some related videos I love.