If there’s one unused and forgotten about space in every home, it’s the doorway.

Thanks to DIYers, I’ve recently started to notice unique ways doors, or the lack-there-of, can add pizzazz.

It can be as simple as painting the typical, hollow $25 door with a pop of color.

If you want to take it a step further… think about an unexpected door.

AUDIO: Click HERE to listen to podcast on using doors to create unusual visuals.

You might think I’m nutty. But at my last place I installed an old wood screen door on my bedroom and loved it. Of course, I didn’t have any privacy issues as a single lady. I thought about eventually adding curtains to one side or a bamboo shade.

Here are some other ideas:

  • Remove a door from a space that IS expected. Take a door off a big closet and create your own reading space, sleeping area for kid sleepover or a coffee bar.
  • Hunt for an old swinging door (an old metal kitchen door with a round window would look amazing).
  • Think about the hinges. Why does the door have to open form the side? What about sliding it up or down? Or side to side?
  • Add safety and function for the kiddos with a sliding barn door at the bottom of the staircase.
  • Paint a border on the wall around the door trim.
  • How about a door that does double-duty by adding function and activities. Click HERE to see more.
  • Customize your own wood door. Click HERE to see pictures.
  • Use a barn door. You can browse how to add a sliding barn door by clicking HERE.
  • Geometric doors add instant visual interest. Click HERE for ideas.
  • Contemporary doors are a work of art. Click HERE to see them.
  • Hidden doors add mystery. Click HERE to see how.

Some doors actually create an experience. Like a trip I had recently to a local establishment with co-workers. I heard there was something special about the lady’s room at a restaurant.

I walked down a dark hallway with book shelves from floor to ceiling. At the end of the hallway, I still didn’t see the entrance to the ladies room. I looked closer at the books and spotted that very small black plastic woman’s restroom sign, pushed on the bookcase, which opened up to a secret bathroom filled with Sherlock Holmes style pictures.

Plus, it’s a great conversation starter. I had a good laugh with the girls inside… and again outside in the hallway when the women were searching for the door in the dark hallway. One tip… don’t wait until the last-minute!

You’re probably thinking that doors have gotten too expensive. I tend to agree.

Here’s how you can get value. If you own a home, If you rent…. If you breathe oxygen, find the nearest Habitat for Humanity Restore store. The have a ton of new and used door, some as low as $10.

I call that my DIY Nuru Heaven!

Here are some videos on door design that I love.