You’d think painting red over a light color would be easy. It CAN be if you know what to avoid. says, “Red is a popular color for making a bold statement. But, such a strong color comes with its risks — one red wall can go so wrong so fast. Avoid a ‘too pink,’ ‘too orange,’ or (worse) ‘too murder-scene’.”

Experts on say red has complex makeup. Red pigment requires a tinted base.

A primer is key.

A gray or pink-tinted primer is best.

Some brands have the primer included so you can skip that step.

Go Red!

This picture is from the BF’s kitchen.

He surprised me this weekend.

I’ve been talking about pulling the red from the family room into the kitchen for years.

The old color was kind of a light gray (behind the clock below).

On top of the drab color, the BF pulled off the old border and you could see the old white sheet rock underneath. Just about anything would have been an improvement.

So, when I walked into his kitchen on a Saturday afternoon, my face lit up to see the freshly painted walls, and he was almost done.

The BF’s daughter picked this fabulous color.

Old Paint Meets New PaintIt’s Behr Cranberry Whip in eggshell finish.

If you click on the link you can see how picking a good red can get confusing.

On my laptop, that color looks nothing like the real thing.

Also, I highly recommend choosing a more expensive brand like Behr.

It’ll actually end up saving you in the long-run.

I tried doing a red with a less expensive brand and ended up spending more money.

The paint left streaks. So I had to buy more and ended up painting five coats.

The BF used two coats of Behr.

Out of date tile

Now, if I can just get the BF to update the backsplash… although I will miss the asparagus.

Beautiful Red Wall