A friend of mine (also my fabulous chiropractor) posted this on www.Facebook.com/DIYNuru.Justin's question

First, I want to say I’m jealous of the executive desk handed down by your father. Even without the sentimental value, that’s an expensive and quality piece of furniture. Most desks these days are cheap, unless you spend several thousand dollars.

Second, the options are endless. The next move depends on your style. Here are just a few ideas:

  • If the desk is in decent shape, you may want to leave it and add easy details like a beautiful chair or lamp. Do you have a picture of your father sitting at the desk? What did he do for a living? You could add memorabilia from his career. Update the trim with satin rope or painted trim. If the desk doesn’t have pedestal legs, add them in black, dark stain or silver/gold. You can also add drawer handles. Hardware possibilities now are countless.
  • If the desk is in bad shape, or you’re ready for a change, a high gloss dark stain or black would look fabulous. A soft glossy cream would also look great with black, dark brown or silver/gold trim. Stripes would also look beautiful (DIYNuru post on how to paint the perfect stripe is coming in the next couple of weeks). If you don’t want to stay with the traditional look, a bold color in shabby-chic would pop.

My last piece of advice, take your time and re-live memories during the re-do or the re-don’t. Whatever you do, use it and use it often. Pull up a comfortable chair, play music that reminds you of time together…. and enjoy.

I’ll answer Justin’s patio furniture post in a few weeks.

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