BF's Very Bad DresserBeing obsessed with DIY isn’t always easy.

My BF of seven years won’t let me touch his bedroom set bought in 1979!

I’m not sure it was in style even then.

The hardest part for me… the furniture is quality, solid wood.

It would be so easy to update and would be so beautiful.

Here’s what I can’t do, but you could:

  • Replace doors with stained glass, baskets or just paintOutdated Doors on BF's Dresser
  • Replace or paint hardware
  • Remove weird panel looking piece and burn
  • Move mirror to center, or put somewhere else and replace
  • As for paint choices, the possibilities are endless- shabby chic, high gloss black, dark stain, lace-painted drawers and multi-colored border colors just to name a few

Me:  “Why don’t you want to change it?”

BF: “I don’t know. I just think it looks nice I guess. “

Me: “That’s it for your quote?”

BF: “I don’t think you should include a quote. No one wants to hear what I have to say.”

Me: “Don’t worry about it. What are you worried about with changing it?”

BF: “I just like it the way it is.”

Me: “You don’t like change.”

BF: “Huh?”

Interviewing 101, don’t interview while BF watches Ocean’s 11.