Shabby Chic, Don't Be Scared! It's Simple

I have an old rocking chair that was handed down from my grandmother to my mother… and then to me. My mother and I were both rocked in the chair as babies. Now I sit and rock and listen to the familiar sound of the creaks when I need some quit time or need to feel a little warmth on a bad day.

There was just one little problem when I inherited the chair, it was ugly… like holy moly whoa that’s awful ugly.

The dark brown untouched stain was accented with an old orange upholstered seat.

I completely changed the look with turquoise shabby chic wood and a vibrant stripped fabric. The best part…. it was incredibly easy, inexpensive and took very little time.

You can do this, trust me here. Don’t bother with all of the kits and chemicals (unless you are really set on a crackled look).

Here’s all you need to do:

  • Choose two paint colors
  • Lightly sand so paint will stick
  • Use a brush to add the first color (pick the one you don’t want to be the dominate color)
  • After that’s dry, add the second color and let dry
  • Sand the corners, edges and all of the spots that would naturally wear down over time
  • If you end up sanding too much, just add another topcoat of paint and sand again