IHS seats

If these chairs could speak, my face would turn red. Shaking my shimmy as Ado Annie in the musical Oklahoma wasn’t my finest moment.

If you want to express yourself, add something unexpected.

My old high school recently upgraded the auditorium and sold the seats for dirt cheap ($3 per chair).

I’ve moved them to every room and even used them for seating! The chairs are one item in my home that will never see the sight of a paint brush. I love them just the way they are…. even the writing that says, “Anne luvs Troy.”

My parents think I’m nutty. Mom keeps saying things like, “You may have to get rid of those old chairs so you can have space for that.”

Dad just gives me that famous look that says, “Ok, I think it’s weird. But, if that’s what you want.”

Even the story of how I bought them is unique. I called the school board in my small hometown (I no longer live there). The sale was the week before and I figured I was too late.

Me: “I was wondering if you happen to have any of those auditorium chairs left over?”

Lady: “Who is speaking?”

Me: “I’m April Hill.”

Lady: “Oh sure honey. Do you want me to just have you dad come pick them up?”